Andrew Cutler

Andrew Cutler is an actor, acting teacher, producer, co-founder of First Floor Theater, and co-owner of Black Box Acting in Chicago. Currently, he works as the Artistic Producer at First Floor Theater and the Executive Director of Black Box Acting. In Chicago, he has appeared onstage in many productions, including Sexual Perversity in Chicago, Polaroid Stories, The Paranoid Style in American Politics, World Builders, Refrigerator, Hooded; or Being Black for Dummies, Killed a Man (Joking), Plano (at Steppenwolf 1700), always nothing else and Botticelli in the Fire with First Floor Theater, and elsewhere in productions at A Red Orchid Theatre, The Artistic Home, and The Sound, among others. His regional acting credits include A Christmas Carol, We’re Gonna Be Okay and The Many Deaths of Nathan Stubblefield, all at Actors Theatre of Louisville. In early 2019, he was named one of the Fifty People Who Really Perform for Chicago in Newcity Stage for his work with First Floor Theater. He holds degrees in Theater and Performance Studies and English Language and Literature from The University of Chicago, completed his conservatory training in The ACADEMY at Black Box Acting, and was an Acting Apprentice at Actors Theatre of Louisville.