TAPS Weekly Cohorts

Weekly Cohorts

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Director Cohort
This is an opportunity to create a supportive community and shared learning experience in directing. No previous experience in directing is necessary. 

Time: 1pm
Location: Zoom
Contact: Devon de Mayo, Assistant Senior Instructional Professor & Director of Performance, ddemayo@uchicago.edu

Production Cohort 

Time: Wednesdays @ 4pm
Location: Court Theatre - 5535 S. Ellis Ave
Contact: Jennifer Gadda, jgadda@uchicago.edu

Stage Management Cohort
Assisting stage managers in theatre and dance.

Time: Tuesdays at 5pm
Location: TAPS conference room
Contact: Olivia Ash, Wolves SM, olliroselove@gmail.com

Scenic and Projections Cohort
A weekly meeting discussing scenic and projection ideas and topics.

Time: Mondays @ 3pm
Location: TAPS Suite
Short Description: A weekly meeting discussing scenic and projection ideas and topics.
Contact: Rasean Davonté Johnson rdtjohnson@uchicago.edu

Sound Cohort 
A weekly meeting of audio-minded folks to discuss a breadth of topics around sound and music as it applies to theatrical production.

Time: Fridays @ 3pm
Location: TAPS Suite
Contact: Hannah Foerschler foerschler@uchicago.edu

Lighting Cohort
An opportunity to discuss and develop the skills and techniques used in theatrical and entertainment lighting design.

Time: First and Third Thursday of the month, 12:30pm
Location: TAPS Suite
Contact: garrettmbell@uchicago.edu