BA Projects


The TAPS BA project marks the culmination of a student’s studies in TAPS and is typically presented during Spring Quarter of the student's fourth year.

TAPS Majors choose ONE of the following formats (see info for Minors below*):

Option 1: Original Artistic  Work & Accompanying Critical Piece of Writing

TAPS Majors are expected to conceive and execute an artistic project that:

  • develops from a question, passion, and/or research interest.
  • builds upon previous artistic work, while deepening, expanding, and challenging artistic skills.
  • represents original work, be it through writing, adaptation, interpretation, installation, creation or some other approved means.
  • is archivable:
    • in writing (e.g., through a script, production book, etc.), and
    • in audio-visual form (e.g., video, photography, etc.).
  • must be able to be workshopped in colloquium (consider form of project and number of collaborators to make this possible)
  • is expected to take place on (a) specific date(s) and time(s) before an invited audience in Logan 501 or 701 at least one week prior to the submission deadline.**
  • has a duration and production values appropriate to and determined by each project’s individual needs.
  • is accompanied by a critical piece of writing (approximately 7-10 pp) which may include artistic methodology, research, dramaturgical notes, etc.
  • may have an advisor in addition to colloquium instructor.

*TAPS Minors complete an artistic work following the same guidelines but smaller in scope and without the critical written piece.

**Projects are typically presented fourth week of spring quarter in Logan 501 or 701. Specific needs will be taken into account to make final determinations about the time and place of presentation.

Option 2: Written Academic Thesis & Accompanying Presentation

TAPS Majors are expected to conceive and execute a critical essay that:

  • develops from a question, passion, and/or research interest.
  • builds upon previous scholarly work, while deepening, expanding, and challenging critical skills.
  • offers a critical and/or theoretical exposition of a pressing question or set of questions.
  • is approximately 25 pages in length.
  • is presented in the form of a talk or performative component as part of the BA thesis presentations, typically during fourth week of spring quarter.
  • requires a Faculty Advisor.

With the support of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and other TAPS faculty, students will develop the project proposal and submit a BA Project Statement during Spring Quarter of the third year. Proposals are subject to the approval of the Chair of Theater and Performance Studies.

In the fourth year, TAPS majors and minors will enroll in TAPS 29800 Theater and Performance Studies BA Colloquium, which offers a weekly forum in Autumn and Winter Quarters to develop the BA project in collaboration with peers and in accordance with a carefully designed set of deadlines. During Spring Quarter of the fourth year, students will present their artistic work(s) and submit their final complete project by Friday of fifth week for honors consideration (majors only), or by Friday of the eighth week for the completion of the major or minor.  Students graduating in any quarter other than Spring should consult with the Director of Undergraduate Studies about an appropriate timeline.