TAPS Space Reservations

If you are interested in reserving any of the TAPS spaces in the Logan Center, please make your request via this google form. If you have any issues with accessing the form, contact

You can check ahead to see which spaces are potentially available by going to Use the magnifying glass icon in the upper left corner to search for Logan Center if it doesn't default to that view.

If you want to reserve a room in Cobb Hall or other non-Logan classroom, email or use the registrar's room request form.


TAPS Shops

Logan Scene Shop:
M-F 10am - 6pm
for questions or concerns or to set up a meeting for more information please contact Ben Caracello.

Costume Shop:
MTRF 9:30am-6:30pm
for questions or concerns or to set up a meeting for more information please contact Nathan Rohrer.

Props & Scenery Storage:
MTRF 1-6:30pm
for questions or concerns or to set up a meeting for more information please contact Jenny Pinson.


Auditions are open to all current University of Chicago students, regardless of major. Every quarter is a new opportunity to get involved and start learning, making friends, and making art!

Auditioning isn't the only way to get involved. The whole experience is open to you, from the first draft to the closing curtain. We're looking for managers, designers, administrative support, and eager arts enthusiasts.

For more information about opportunities please check back closer to the start of the Autumn quarter for updates. 

Facilities & Support

Theater East 
A fixed (105) seating Proscenium stage.

Theater West
A flexible up to (185) seating Blackbox theatrical stage.

Francis X Kinahan Theater
117-seat proscenium theater named in 1993 after a University of Chicago Associate Professor in English Language and Literature.

A fully equipped performance lab.

A fully equipped dance performance lab. 

Scene shop
Short description from Ben about the scene shop

Costume shop
Short description from Nathan about the costume shop

Props shop
Short description from Jenny about the Props shop

Lighting shop
Short description from Heather about the Lighting shop

Sound shop
Short description from Joyce about the Sound shop

Meet the Pro Staff!