Jennifer Williams

jennifer williams
Cohort Year: 2021
Education: BA, University of Washington 2018


I’m a joint PhD student in English Language and Literature and Theatre and Performance Studies.

My work is situated at the intersection of Black studies, queer theory, and performance studies. At this junction, I primarily think about the material techniques of Black performers working across dance and new media genres. More specifically, I am interested in exploring the role of affect and embodiment in Black queer performance art as a window into Black political life. Taking the premise that the body is a principal site of knowledge-production as a point of departure, I am interested in how Black and Black queer performers illustrate this fact, as well as how they reveal the nature of black political ontology. In this way, I am guided by the idea that the realm of the aesthetic can help us understand the theory and praxis of Black political subjects.

My work has been featured in the Black Embodiments Studio’s annual publication, A Year in Black Art.