The Ballad of Oedipus Auditions

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This winter, the Committee on Theater and Performance Studies is showcasing "The Ballad of Oedipus" for its 2023-2024 season. This production, adapted by JC Clementz with music by Nygel D. Robinson and lyrics by JC Clementz, draws its inspiration from Sophocles' "Oedipus the King," as translated by F. Storr, promising a professionally led and creatively reimagined performance.

The Ballad of Oedipus
Adapted by JC Clementz
Music by Nygel D. Robinson and Lyrics by JC Clementz
Based on “Oedipus the King” by Sophocles and translated by F. Storr

February 22- 25, 2024 | 2:00p & 7:30p

Experience the timeless tale of King Oedipus in The Ballad of Oedipus, where hubris meets destiny, resulting in a haunting downfall. This unique adaptation unfolds against the backdrop of the Great Depression's Dust Bowl, capturing the essence of Americana folk traditions. The Greek chorus weaves original folk music into the narrative, echoing the voices of a restless society yearning to be heard. Join us in this poignant exploration of fallen rulers and the indomitable human spirit.

CASTING NEEDS: 10 -12 Actors. Please choose and prepare a side from one of the characters listed below (please have a scene partner who can read the other part off camera) self-tape and submit to TAPS Director of Performance, Devon de Mayo,

SELF-TAPE AUDITIONS DUE: Thursday, November 9 by 11:59pm.

In-person CALLBACKS: Sunday, November 12, 3-10pm

Audition Materials

Oedipus/Creon: These roles do not need to sing or play any instruments.

  • Pg. 17 (Oedipus entrance) -19 (“It was your prompting that led the seer to accuse me of killing Laius.”)

Tiresias (also plays Narrator & Messenger 2): This role sings. Actors who play guitar are encouraged to audition.

  • Top of play - first monologue and first set of lyrics (read not sung)
  • Pg. 14 (“Though it’s true you are king in this land…) - 15 (“Come, lead me away.”)
  • 32 bars of a song of your choice singing and playing 

Jocasta: This role sings but does not play instruments

  • Pg. 22 (“You sir, tell me first how the conflict arose” -23 (“Are you alright, my dear? You look as though you have seen a ghost.”
  • 32 bars of a song of your choice 

CHORUS OF THEBAN CITIZENS: Some of these roles sing and ideally, some chorus members play instruments. Roles of Messenger, Herdsman, and Priest will be cast from this group. 

  • Read Tiresias: Pg. 14 (“Though it’s true you are king in this land…) - 15 (“Come, lead me away.”)
  • 32 bars of a song of your choice singing and/or playing an instrument  (attached is a song from the show if you would like to submit that. The sheet music and a backing track and example track are provided.)

Click the link to access the music, an instrumental version, and sheet music for Wise and Bold.