Twelfth Night


Image removed.May 4 - 6, 2023 | 6:00pm 
Hutchinson Commons Courtyard
FREE | Bring your own blanket & chairs for this outdoor performance

After being rescued from the shipwreck that killed her twin brother, Viola finds herself stranded in Illyria, a quaint town on the East Coast of the United States. Seeking some security and independence in a conservative town in the late 1950’s, Viola decides to disguise herself as a man under the name ‘Cesario’ and work for the Mayor of Illyria: Duke Orsino. Orsino sends Viola to woo Olivia, the grieving heiress he pines for, on his behalf, but complications ensue when Olivia falls for ‘Cesario’ and Viola falls for Orsino. The townsfolk and members of Olivia’s household meddle in the lives of these characters and each other, weaving a web of confusion across Illyria.



Malvolio - Henry Kerrey

Abigail Scharf (Olivia) is a second year studying Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies. Her previous Dean’s Men/UT credits include Macbeth (Lady Macbeth), Marian, Or The True Tale of Robin Hood (Marian/Robin Hood), and King Lear (Gloucester).

Lauren Sklarz (Viola) is a first-year undergraduate at the university planning to major in Creative and Economics. She is so unbelievably proud of the entire cast and crew of Twelfth Night and hopes you enjoy the show!

Jonathan Rufino (Orsino) is a pre-med and physics major. Previous Dean's Men credits include Macbeth (Macduff, Winter 2019), Twelfth Night (Sir Andrew Aguecheek, Spring 2019), Love's Labour's Lost (Ferdinand, Autumn 2021), King Lear (King Lear, Spring 2022), Romeo and Juliet (Capulet, Autumn 2022), and Macbeth (Ross, Winter 2023).

Sir Andrew - Jefferson Lind

Emily O'Heir (Sir Toby Belch) was born in Meridian, Idaho on May 15th, 1936. As a child, she attended a charm school run by the Philosophers and was trained in numerous espionage tactics, including iambic pentameter. Her previous roles include Operation Snake Eater (Tatyana) and The Guns of the Patriots (Matka Pluku/Big Mama). She would like to thank her two surrogate sons, Solid and Liquid Snake, for their endless love and support, as well as the Dean's Men, for providing her with a watertight alibi for the last four years.

Honor Torrance (Maria) is a third-year studying English and Cinema & Media Studies, and the once and future Dean's Men Arts Chair. You may have recently seen her hanging upside down from the ceiling frantically enforcing father/son bonding with a number of stuffed animals in The Physicists. Having been a Twelfthie (that's the official Twelfth Night fandom name) since the tender age of approximately 11, she is very excited to be appearing in this production!

Gabriel Brumberg (Feste) is a first-year prospective TAPS and (pending an application) Fundamentals major. After two quarters doing Theater24, he is excited to make his mainstage debut with UT! Before college, he performed in a number of productions in the DC area including Sondheim's Assassins and the world premiere of Noura by Heather Raffo, among others. He plans to pursue theater in some fashion after college, though he hopes he will stop being typecast as the fool!

Jo Selmeczy (Sebastian) is a first-year prospective TAPS and Creative Writing double major. This year, they performed in Romeo and Juliet (Romeo) and The Laramie Project (Actor 6). They also co-wrote 3 shows for Theater24 (Dirty Cop, Intergalactic Ass, and Burning Desire). Next year, they will be Education Chair on the Dean’s Men board. Offstage, Jo is involved with the Organization of LGBTQ+ Students (OLS) and enjoys thrifting and playing guitar.

George Hagle (Antonio) is a second-year History and Computer Science major. He featured last quarter as Banquo in the Dean's Men production of Macbeth.

Valentine/Officer - Natalie Floreancig

Griffin Bonnin Jones (Captain/Priest/Servant) is a first-year at the college. This is his second Dean's Men show, having played Balthazar in Romeo & Juliet in the autumn. He also appeared in Cup of Theater's All for the Best in February and did a fair deal of acting in high school (including a production of Twelfth Night as Sir Andrew last year). To get into character for this play, he was ordained by the Catholic Church and is available to officiate weddings and administer other sacraments.


Charlotte Manier (Co-Director) entered the 2022-2023 school year with a single goal: to take over the Dean’s Men. When she was cast as the Nurse in the fall’s production of Romeo and Juliet, she felt that nothing could get in the way of her climb to tyranny. That was until she met the equally conniving Jacob Halabe, who was cast as the Prince. Recognizing they both had the same sinister aim, the two actors quietly plotted against one another, playing a Succession-esque game of cut-throat power-mongering. When Charlotte was cast as First Witch in Macbeth in Space, Jacob kept a close eye on her machinations as an Assistant Stage Manager. But when it came time for spring show proposals, the two nemeses realized how they could both achieve the American Dream of college Shakespeare theater: through collaboration. You are now presented with the fruits of their struggle for total Shakespeare domination. But be warned, this is not the end! Charlotte will serve as the new Treasurer of the Dean’s Men board until she graduates in 2024, and Jacob will continue to rule the Dean’s Men from the shadows for another two years.

Jacob Halabe (Co-director) is a second-year economics and history double major. Jacob Halabe can drink a whole gallon of milk in 10 minutes. Jacob Halabe's previous UT credits include Romeo and Juliet (Prince) and Macbeth (Assistant Stage Manager). Jacob Halabe dances like no one is watching. Jacob Halabe's hobbies include tennis and stealing pies from window sills.

Crystina Windham - Music/Vocal Director

Adrian Leonard (Dramaturg) is doing the work-study program at the business school. He has previously worked on Macbeth in Space (Assistant Dramaturg). He is interested in pursuing a career in the arts and entertainment industry. He likes to thank the cast and the crew for their amazing work!

Nathalie Lam - Production Manager

Ryan Cairns (Co-Production Manager) is my favorite member of UT. She simply slays at everything ever. What more do you need to know? That's it.

Maya Carlos Doyle (Stage Manager) is a second-year in the College and a possible Linguistics/English major. Most recent credits include Macbeth in Space (APM), Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood (SM), and Scientific Method (Lighting Designer). She also served as a curator for this season's Theater[24] festival and works in the Scene Shop. Maya would like to send a big thank you to all the members of the TAPS pro staff, the amazing cast and crew, and most of all Christian and Jess!

Pallas Eible Hargro - Scenic Designer

Becky Vazquez - Props Designer

Anna German (Costume Designer) is a second-year Political Science and Media Arts and Design major. Her previous UT/Dean’s Men credits include Romeo and Juliet (Costume Designer) and The Heirs (Costume Designer). Big shoutout to Kelly Mao, who wrote this (and every other bio she’s ever had) for her!

Belle Nahoom (Hair & Makeup Designer) is a second-year TAPS and Data Science major. Her previous theatre credits with UT include The Heirs (ASM), Marian (ASM), The Intruder Workshop (Costume Designer), Scientific Method (Costume Designer), Macbeth in Space (Hair & Makeup), the Queen of Spades Workshop (SM & PM), The Laramie Project (SM Collective™), and the B.A. Thesis, Yivdak (Jared), as well as Be More Chill(Costume Designer). She is also capocomico of the Commedia Dell’Arte improv troupe on campus. Belle would like to thank the entire cast and crew, without y’all this could not have come together.

Emily Curran (Lighting Designer) is a first-year double majoring in TAPS and Public Policy. This is her third show with the Dean’s Men and fourth UT show. Her credits include Romeo and Juliet (Asst. Lighting Designer), Macbeth in Space (Lighting Designer), and Be More Chill (Asst. Lighting Designer). She’d like to thank the entire crew of Twelfth Night for letting her set up her silly little lights and would especially like to thank Ariana for being so slay. Lastly and as always, thank you to Sam and the FXK Theatre for being amazing!

June Villers - Sound Designer

Shreya Mukherjee (Assistant Sound Designer) is a second-year Math major.

Alex Nobert - Asst. Dramaturg

Maisie Thompson - Asst. Production Manager

Colin Cooper (he/him) is a fourth year in the college. His sound design credits include Antony and Cleopatra, Love's Labour's Lost, King Lear, and Romeo and Juliet. He served as an assistant sound designer for Macbeth in Space, and is the assistant production manager on this show. In his free time, he also serves as the president of the Dean's Men and serves as the retiring Dean's Men Venmo controller.

Jess Aaron (/Assistant Stage Manager/Choreographer) is a third-year getting her BA in Philosophy and History, and a joint MA in the Humanities. She is the incoming President of The Dean's Men and is on the board of a dance RSO called Rhythmic Bodies in Motion. She is also involved on Orientation Team as Orientation Student Director and is on the Peer Mentor Advisory Board. She is currently working on a research project about epistemology, historiography, video games, and science fiction!

Christian Beltran (Assistant Stage Manager) is a first-year Computer Science major. After acting throughout high school and performing in Romeo and Juliet fall quarter, he has turned to the production side of theater, working on Macbeth in Space (Assistant Lights) and planning on continuing his climb to the top of the production ladder someday. The higher he climbs, the closer he is to God. This show was a very unique experience for him, and he hopes you enjoy!

Coco Liu - Asst. Scenic Designer

Ariana Baginski (Assistant Scenic Designer) is a fourth-year Molecular Engineering major on the Bioengineering track and TAPS minor. She has previously worked for several UT productions including Be More Chill (Co-Stage Manager), The Laramie Project (Stage Management Collective™), Macbeth in Space (Assistant Scenic Designer), Romeo & Juliet (Lady Capulet), The Trail to Oregon! (Co-Stage Manager), My H8 Letter to the Gr8 American Theatre (Assistant Sound Designer), The Old Man and the Old Moon (Assistant Scenic Designer), and The Winter’s Tale (Assistant Scenic Designer). She would like to thank Pallas and Coco for being the best silly little scenic team and thank Emily Curran for being generally amazing and reliable!! Please enjoy this incredibly fun show and hopefully the sun shines upon us!!!

Kelly Mao (Asst. Prop Designer/Asst. Costume Designer) is a second-year Computer Science and Mathematics major whose previous Dean's Men credits include Macbeth in Space (Sound Designer) and King Lear (Co-Stage Manager). She enjoys deep conversations and long walks on the beach at sunset.

Lena Birkholz - Asst. Props Designer

Libby Konjoyan -  Asst. Costume Designer

Yufei Chen (Assistant Lighting Designer) is a first-year student. She has previously worked on Marian, or the Tale of Robinhood (Assistant Stage Manager), Macbeth in Space (Stage Manager), and Laika’s Coffin (Assistant Stage Manager).

Danielle Yablonovskiy - UT Committee Liaison

Eleni Lefakis - Pre-Production Manager