A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

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A Midsummer Night's Dream
May 8-10, 2024 | 6:00 PM
The Cloister Gardens

Hermia, Helena, Lysander, and Demetrius are in a classic Shakespearean love triangle: Hermia's father, Egeus, won't let her marry Lysander, who she is in love with, and instead tells her to marry Demetrius, who Helena is in love with. To escape this restriction, Hermia and Lysander run away into the forest, pursued by Demetrius who is pursued by Helena, where their relationships are interfered with by a band of trouble-making fairies. Simultaneously, a band of industry workers called The Mechanicals are rehearsing a play in the forest when their leader, Bottom, gets his head transformed into a donkey by a fairy named Puck. Love potions and anti-love potions run amuck, amping up the chaos tenfold. Finally, all is set right by Puck, and the two couples (Lysander and Hermia, Helena and Demetrius) get married and they all watch The Mechanicals' play.


Hermia  — Emma Linderman
Emma Linderman (Hermia) is a fourth year studying TAPS and CMST. Previous UT, TAPS, and regional credits include Amazons and Their Men (The Extra), Yivdak (Zahara), Scientific Method (Makayla), Marian or the True Tale Of Robin Hood (Alanna Dale), The Laramie Project, At Your Own Risk, Out Here (Josie), The Wolves (#00), and The Ballad of Oedipus, but this is her first Dean’s Men show! If she had to pick a drag name, it would be Ida March. Most importantly, well moused, lion.

Lysander  — Hazel Pasley
Hazel Pasley (Lysander, she/her) is playing the role of Lysander in this production. She is a second year and is studying math among other things such as Spanish and Portuguese. She’s quite fond of music, conversation, and soccer (if you are interested in playing women’s club soccer here, let her know). This is her first theater production at UChicago, but she participated in theatrical performances in her town in North Carolina growing up.

Helena — Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson (Helena) is a 2nd year English Lit major, and is overjoyed to be making her Dean’s Men debut! Her previous UT credits include Muscle Memory (Kate) and Paper Wasters (Demon #2 (sorry Eva I forgot her name)) When not performing, Alex enjoys reading, painting, and forcing her fellow cast members into her TikToks. Her drag name is (idk guys I can’t think of a drag name im sorry) shout out to Harry for writing this for me!!

Demetrius  — David Wang
David Wang (Demetrius, he/him) is a second-year math and chemistry major, and he is so thrilled to be part of the Dean's Men production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. This is his first show at UChicago; he has previously been in school productions of Guys and Dolls (ensemble), The Wizard of Oz (the cowardly lion), and Fiddler on the Roof (Tevye). He wishes everyone in the production the very best, and thanks them for giving him so much joy this quarter.

Theseus — Leonardo Lopez Sarmiento
Leonardo Lopez Sarmiento (Theseus) is a first year Political Science and Philosophy major. This is his first ever theater production, both in and before UChicago, so he is beyond excited to join the rest of this wonderful company in the magical world of Midsummer. His drag name would be Mama Horchata.

Hippolyta/Fairy — Kassie Rivera
Kassie Rivera (Hippolyta/Fairy) is a third year Psychology and Gender/Sexuality Studies major. They previously worked on Love’s Labour’s Lost (Katherine), Cassandra (Director), and The Ballad of Oedipus (Assistant Director). He’s especially excited to cosplay as cishet pregnant woman in this show and wants to thank everyone involved for the opportunity! Special thanks to Amanda Bubeka for her continued support of Kassie throughout all these years. Thank you Mandy! <3 (Drag Name: Alex Claremont-Diaz)

Egeus/Peter Quince — Griffin Bonnin Jones
Griffin (Egeus/Peter Quince) is a second year at the College, and has been involved in Dean's Men since their first year, having acted in Romeo and Juliet, Twelfth Night, and, most recently, Richard III, in which they played Queen Anne. Their drag name would be Jill.

Nick Bottom — Harry Franklin
Harry Franklin (Nick Bottom) is a 4th year Public Policy major and is so excited to be back with the Dean's Men, having previously performed as Don Armado in Love's Labour's Lost. His other UT credits include Trail to Oregon (McDoon) and Falsettos (Mendel). As a lifelong fan of Eeyore, Sylvester, and Donkey (from Shrek), Harry is thrilled and grateful to have the opportunity to embrace his inner donkey-ness in this production. His drag name is Nicolette Badonkeydonk.

Francis Flute/Mote — Josiah Rubio
Josiah Rubio (Flute/Mote) is a first year majoring in (probably?) Computer Science and (maybe??) TAPS. They have been involved in a few other roles this year such as Hastings/Tyrell in Richard III (winter), and Trisha Paytas/unnamed Ozempic dealer in theater 24 (fall). After much thought and consideration, they have decided their drag name would have to be Eden Snacks.

Tom Snout/Cobweb — Nora Schultz
Nora Schultz (Tom Snout/Cobweb) is a fourth-year English and Gender & Sexuality Studies major. Her last contribution to the Dean’s Men was as Co-Director (with fellow Mechanical/Fairy Honor) of Richard III, though she has previously appeared upon the stage as Hortensio (Taming of the Shrew) and Dumaine/Forester (Love’s Labour’s Lost). She has also served on the Dean’s Men Board for three years, the last two as Secretary, and she trusts that her beloved board will be in good hands! As a known fan of the history plays and frequent enjoyer of performing masculinity (see the roles above, her BA thesis, and also her recent tenure as Henry VII in Pope LARP class), her drag king name will have to be John False Staff. All the love possible to University Theater, Dean’s Men, family, friends, and Honor (who this cast and crew repeatedly mixed her up with, which she takes as high flattery).

Snug/Mustardseed — Juan’Shalyn Ward

Robin Starveling/Peaseblossom — Honor Torrance
Honor Torrance (Peaseblossom/Robin Starveling) is a fourth-year studying English & Cinema and Media, and the current Arts Chair for the Dean's Men. If you've been following the HTDMBCU (Honor Torrance Dean's Men Bio Cinematic Universe) of this year, it may be exciting for you to know that she is now free of that accurséd thesis! As a result, she is now frequently found standing listlessly in random locations, staring blankly at the wall and muttering Chicago-style citations of Victorian literature. Honor was last seen offstage co-directing Richard III with fellow Fairy/Mechanical Nora; she was last seen onstage causing problems on purpose as the conniving servant to a lovestruck aristocrat (Tranio, The Taming of the Shrew) and causing problems on purpose as the conniving servant to a lovestruck aristocrat (Maria, Twelfth Night). But all that conniving was real hard on the brain, so she is relieved to be taking a much-needed break in the form of Peaseblossom, who doesn't waste time with silly things like thinking, and Robin Starveling, who has never had a single thought in his life. If Honor had a drag name, it would be Penny Dreadful.

Oberon — Charlotte Manier
Charlotte Manier (Oberon) is a fourth year Biology and Law, Letters & Society major. She is proud to have been a part of Romeo & Juliet (Nurse), Macbeth in Space (Witch 1), Taming of the Shrew (Lucentio), Twelfth Night (Co-Director), and Dean’s Men board (Treasurer) in her tenure. She has an immense amount of love for the Dean’s Men, and is excited to see them continue to grow after she has left. But she will never truly leave them in her heart—once a Dean’s Man, always a Dean’s Man. Her drag king name is Aidin N Abbettin.

Titania — Oliver Zajac
Oliver Zajac (Titania) is a first-year Political Science and CEGU (Environment, Geography, and Urbanization) major. He has previously worked on last quarter's Weekend of Workshops (Muse Two in Paper Wasters) and Theater[24] as actor (Mrs. Saggitiddies/Socko the Evil Puppet and Fancy Pen/Sweatpants) and as a writer (this quarter's "A Winter Boyfriend for Holiday Chrysler").

Robin Goodfellow/Philostrate — Steele Citrone
Steele Citrone (Robin Goodfellow/Puck/Hobgoblin/Philostrate) is a 4th year BA/MA student majoring in Media Arts Design and mastering in Digital Studies. Previously Whizzer (Falsettos Winter 2024), MacBeth In Space (Assistant Director), King Lear (King of France/Oswald). Steele is witterawy so excited to be a part of this show! And wants you to listen to his specially curated Puck Playlist! (Drag Name: Amanda Boubecca)

Production Team

Director — Jo Selmeczy
Jo Selmeczy (Director, they/them) is a second year TAPS and CHDV double major. They are beyond excited for audiences to see all the hard work this company has put into bringing the show to life! Jo has been a part of the following productions during their time at UChicago: Romeo and Juliet (Romeo, Fall 2022); The Laramie Project (Actor #6, Winter 2023); Twelfth Night (Sebastian, Spring 2023); The Wolves (#8, Fall 2023); Falsettos (Props Designer, Winter 2024); The Ballad of Oedipus (A2, Winter 2024); Richard III (Stagehand, Winter 2024). They look forward to being the Dean's Men President for the 2024-25 school year. Well moused, lion!

Music Director — Anjali Subramanian
Anjali Subramanian (Music Director) is a second year Environmental Science and Biology major. She has previously worked on Richard III (Asst. Sound Designer). She is excited for everyone to see the show and hear the Mechanicals!

Dramaturg — Eleni Lefakis
Eleni Lefakis (Dramaturg) is a third-year TAPS major. Her UT mainstage credits are The Heirs (Stage Manager); The Trail to Oregon! (Assistant Director/Dramaturg); Romeo and Juliet (Co-Production Manager); Marian, or the True Tale of Robin Hood (Assistant Director/Dramaturg); MacBeth in Space (Dramaturg); The Laramie Project (SM Collective™); Be More Chill (Co-Director); Twelfth Night (Pre-Production Manager); The Taming of The Shrew (Stage Manager/Assistant Dramaturg); Falsettos (Dramaturg); Richard III (Assistant Costume Designer); Strings Attached (Co-Director); and The Play That Goes Wrong (Committee Liaison/Stagehand). Eleni’s drag alter-ego Maya Pologies wishes all the characters in this show a peaceful queer awakening and kindly requests that all the company members come hang out with her on Much Ado About Nothing in the fall!

Production Manager — Maya Carlos Doyle
Maya Carlos Doyle (Production Manager) is a third-year English major. Recent Dean's Men credits include: Richard III (Production Manager), Twelfth Night (Stage Manager), and Macbeth in Space (Assistant Production Manager). Even though she jokingly named the prod team's listhost "mid-crew," they are actually, in fact, quite the opposite. Thanks to the wonderful crew, TAPS pro staff, and most of all, Mazie and Zoe!

Stage Manager — Alasdair Dodd
Alasdair Dodd (Stage Manager) is a second year EALC and Religious Studies double major. He has previously worked on Falsettos (Lighting Designer). Other hobbies include losing at rhythm games, being recognizable by his Cobb Cafe order, carrying around multiple Chinese textbooks, and playing Kingdom Hearts.

Scenic Designer — Eva Schultz
Eva Schultz (Scenic Designer) is a first year Astrophysics major and Science Communications minor. She has worked hard to tie together a variety of settings and timelines to create this set and is excited to see it come to life through the show! Eva has been a part of the following productions in her time with UT: Falsettos (Scenic Designer, Fall/Winter 2023); Staged Readings (Playwright, Fall 2024); Winter Workshops (Actor, Playwright, Director, Winter 2024) and Theatre[24] (Fall and Winter 2023-24). Eva is also a scene shop employee through the Logan Center, and looks forward to working with UT more next year as a designer and carpenter!

Props Designer — Clara Bennett
Clara Bennett (Props Designer) is extremely excited to be working with The Dean’s Men for the first time as head props designer. She is a first year aspiring TAPS major from Oregon. Clara was involved with the Teen Musical Theater of Oregon for six years. At the University of Chicago she has acted in a TAPS Pro Show production of The Wolves and was a props assistant for The Ballad of Oedipus. She hopes you enjoy the show!

Costume Designer — Mamayan Jabateh

Hair & Makeup Designer — Carolyn Heinzer
Carolyn Heinzer (Hair & Makeup Designer) is a third year Computer Science and English major. He has previously worked on Be More Chill (Lighting Designer), The Laramie Project (Asst. Lighting Designer), and Queen of Spades (Lighting Designer). They have also co-written several shows for Theater[24]. Their drag name would be Miss Transylvania (just kidding) (unless???).

Sound Designer — Sam Doepker
Sam Doepker (Sound Designer) is a second-year computer science major in the College. Sam has been sound designer for Weekend of Workshops (Fall 2022), The Laramie Project (Winter 2023), and Falsettos (Fall/Winter 2024), and is very excited to be on a Dean's Men show! Sam's drag name would be Riley Coyote.

Assistant Director — Christian Beltran

Assistant Dramaturg — Lee Gutman

Assistant Dramaturg —  Alex Nobert

Assistant Production Manager — Mazie Witter
Mazie Witter (Assistant Production Manager) is a second-year studying English Language and Literature. This is her first Dean's Men (and University Theater) show, but she hopes to do more in the future!

Assistant Production Manager — Zoe Nelson
Zoe Nelson (Asst. Production Manager) is a first year Public Policy major. She is new to UT but has previously performed in high school productions, including A Midsummer Night's Dream, Matilda the Musical, and Peter and the Starcatcher. This is her first time working behind the scenes on a show and she has really enjoyed learning how it works. She is so excited for audiences to see the show and so proud of all the hard work put in!

Assistant Stage Manager — Lucy Whitehead
Lucy Whitehead (Assistant Stage Manager) is a first year TAPS and Gender Studies double major. She is so excited for the audience to see the amazing show that this wonderful company has put together! Lucy has previously worked on The Taming of the Shrew (Assistant Production Manager, Fall 2023) and The Ballad of Oedipus (Assistant Stage Manager, Winter 2024).

Assistant Stage Manager — Jessie Palmer
Jessie Palmer (Assistant Stage Manager, she/her) is a first year evolutionary biology major. She served as assistant production manager in last quarter’s production of Falsettos and has greatly enjoyed getting a taste of working backstage! Besides theatre, jellyfish and obscure literature are kind of her whole thing.

Assistant Costume Designer — Belle Nahoom
Belle Nahoom (Asst. Costume Designer) is a third-year TAPS/Data Science double major. Her previous theatre credits at the University include The Heirs (ASM), Marian (ASM), The Intruder Workshop (Costume Designer), Scientific Method (Costume Designer), Macbeth in Space (Hair & Makeup), Queen of Spades Workshop (SM & PM), The Laramie Project (SM Collective), the B.A. Thesis, Yivdak (Jared), 12th Night (Hair & Makeup), Be More Chill (Costume Designer), The Wolves (Asst. Costume Designer), Theatre24 (curator),Falsettos (Costume Designer), and the Play That Goes Wrong (Costume Designer). Additionally, she is artistic director of the Commedia Dell’Arte improv troupe on campus and a member of Medusa A Capella. She would like to thank Mamayan for all the effort and attention put into this show!

Assistant Costume Designer — Ciara Kinney

Assistant Costume Designer — Ky Cruz
Ky Cruz (Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer) is a first year Art History and Cinema and Media Studies major. He's excited for his debut as this is his first production with the Dean's Men! He'd like to thank the entire company - especially fellow costumers Belle, Ciara, and Mamayan - and hopes for a great run with only metaphorical legs broken.

Assistant Hair & Makeup Designer — Anna German

Assistant Sound Designer — Maddy Tavel
Maddy Tavel (Assistant Sound Designer) is a first year English and Cognitive Science major. She has previously worked on the Winter Workshops (Sound Designer) and is super excited to be on her first Dean's Men production! Her drag name is the Flaming Flanker :)

Assistant Music Director — Jessie Palmer
Jessie Palmer (Assistant Music Director, she/her) is a first year evolutionary biology major. She served as assistant production manager in last quarter’s production of Falsettos and has greatly enjoyed getting a taste of working backstage! Besides theatre, jellyfish and obscure literature are kind of her whole thing.

Fight Captain — Charlotte Manier
Charlotte Manier (Fight Captain, Oberon) is a fourth year Biology and Law, Letters & Society major. She is proud to have been a part of Romeo & Juliet (Nurse), Macbeth in Space (Witch 1), Taming of the Shrew (Lucentio), Twelfth Night (Co-Director), and Dean’s Men board (Treasurer) in her tenure. She has an immense amount of love for the Dean’s Men, and is excited to see them continue to grow after she has left. But she will never truly leave them in her heart—once a Dean’s Man, always a Dean’s Man. Her drag king name is Aidin N Abbettin.

Committee Liaison — Nathalie Lam