Le Vorris & Vox

Le Vorris

Circus is an all-encompassing art form that brings together an incredibly diverse array of creative arts to bring joy and laughter from an uncommon source to as many people as possible. Le Vorris & Vox is the University of Chicago’s very own circus network and troupe! Le Vorris & Vox strives to bring the incredible joys of the circus arts to anyone and everyone on campus. The members of Le Vorris & Vox work together to learn and train in partner acrobatics and tumbling, clowning, burlesque, fire manipulation, unicycling, and aerials. We also welcome those who are more interested in the technical aspects of the circus: mask and puppet makers, stage designers, writers, actors, dancers, musicians, improvers, jesters, etc. Le Vorris & Vox puts on two shows a year in Winter and Spring. 

All levels of interest and skill are welcome!


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Circus Board 2020 - 2021

President: Mattew Mason & Lily Hackworth

Safety Liasons

Circus is an incredible fun and exhilarating art, but at times carries an element of risk. Therefore, safety is Le Vorris & Vox’s number one priority, and we work hard every day to ensure the safety of those who are involved! 

Aerials: Jad Dahshan
Fire: Griffin Badalamente