Susanna Sun

susanna sun
Cohort Year: 2022
Research Interests: China


As a PhD student of the EALC and TAPS joint program, I am pursuing research on Chinese opera and its engagement with different media and forms from late imperial China to the modern era. I focus on the unique all-woman genre of Yue opera, driven by a deep personal passion and years of theatrical training. I am interested in exploring a wide range of topics about Yue opera: its roots in the late imperial dramatic tradition and its later transformation in relation to the opera film genre, cross-gender performance, Shanghai urban history, revolutionary culture, and others. I particularly aim to bring attention to the perspectives and voices of opera performers, drawing on my direct experience to examine the nuances of the choices and technical execution in opera performance and music. I delve into artistic details that reflexively generate new insights into larger fundamental philosophical and historical concerns. Through this, I hope to enrich sources for current scholarship and deepen both the concrete and conceptual understanding of Chinese opera in an authentic way.