New Work Week 2021

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New Work Week | 3rd Week

By Katie Bevil
Directed by Leah Profitt

A young woman volunteering at her community garden meets some passionate environmentalists and must either meet their standards or create her own.


  • Sally Rose Zuckert: Tinsley
  • Jess Mora: Erin
  • Ro Redfern-Taube: Saige
  • Manhar Dixit: Wyatt

It's Curtains
Written by Devin Haas 
Directed by Lara Sachdeva
Stage Manager: Ryan Murphy

It's Curtains is a dry, musical twist on the classic whodunnit filled with suspense, comedy, and romance. Note: For the New Work Week performance over Zoom, lyrics were (mostly) spoken.

Cast (in order of appearance):

  • Alessandra Tufiño: TV Broadcaster/Detective Claverie
  • Ryan Murphy: TV Co-Host
  • Liz Ombrellaro: Antonio
  • Alisa Boland: Camille
  • Laura Mahaniah: Suspect #1
  • Hannah Wilson-Black: Suspect #2 

Reading the Peach Blossom Fan
By Honglan Huang
Directed by Anne Lim

Two readers experience, interpret and re-interpret the Chinese classic The Peach Blossom Fan. 


  • Nora Schultz
  • An Li
  • Jon Shao

Mimansa Dogra, Dramaturg

By Brandon Sward
Directed by Cameron Drake

On a dark night in Colorado, a boy has an encounter with Death that culminates in a conversation about friendship, regret, and losing the ones we love.


  • Addison Wood: Death
  • Evan Finder: Boy

Welcome Back to My Channel
Written and Directed by Brandon Zang


  • Tess Ortego: Martha
  • Noah Friedlander: Marcus
  • Shreya Shettigar: Saskia
  • Nick Schwarz: Will 
  • Jayda Hart: Benny

Questions? Contact Tiffany Trent, Interim Director of Performance Programs


Reading the Peach Blossom Fan

It's Curtains


Welcome Back to My Channel

BA Thesis Projects | 4th Week

All original artistic projects are gorgeously intelligent and compelling works driven by passionate inquiries and inventive creative processes. They were developed within a cohort of students whose generosity was palpable – whether in generative brainstorming, gentle encouragement, rigorous critique, or celebratory cheer. BA projects mark the culmination of a student’s studies in TAPS.

86th Annual 
live-streamed from Theater West
a one-woman musical comedy created and performed by Dara Weinstein
Friday, April 23
7:00p CST 

zoom reading 
a full-length musical written and directed by Omar Almakki
Saturday, April 24
3p CST 

Satisfaction Guaranteed 
zoom reading & screening
a full-length play + 10-15 min film written and directed by Abby Henkin
Sunday, April 25
4p CST