Gabriel Thom Pasculli

Gabriel Thom (he/they) is a performance artist, teacher, and the co-creative director of Walkabout Theater Company in Chicago. Dedicated to liberatory practices of embodied co-creation, Gabriel Thom seeks transformative experiences of self and community through theatrical performance. To quote rev. angel kyodo williams, “Love and justice are not two. Without inner change, there can be no outer change; without collective change, no change matters.”  Exploring the intersections of personal inquiry, phenomenal experience, and co-imagination, Gabriel Thom’s multi-linear approach to narrative embraces an interdependent process of making meaning and facing the unknown. With Walkabout Theater in Chicago Gabriel Thom has directed a series of outdoor stilt spectacles as well as internationally-touring ensemble performances acclaimed as “surreal,” “sublime,” “gorgeous and exhilarating.” Gabriel Thom has been deeply influenced by Chicago’s experimental theater communities, by the Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards in Italy, Double Edge Theater in Massachusetts, and the Odin Teatret in Denmark. Gabriel Thom is currently studying with Fides Krucker in her approach to Emotionally Integrated Voice and with the Goddard College WA Interdisciplinary Arts community, where they are researching performance creation and decolonial arts praxis. Additionally, Gabriel Thom teaches movement at the University of IL at Chicago and acting at the University of Chicago.