Macbeth in Space

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February 16-18, 2023 | 2:00pm & 7:30pm
FXK, Reynolds Club

In a delusion of species supremacy, earth-humans have spread their reign through the galaxy. While the conquerors play their power-games, the aliens of colonized Planet Inverness seek revenge on humankind. Are the Macbeths slowly poisoned to madness by their own ambition, or by a mysterious energy native to the planet?



Charlotte Manier (First Witch)

Alex Nobert (Second Witch)

Sophie Knifton (Third Witch)

Abigail Spencer (Duncan/Siward)

Nathalie Lam (Malcolm)

Lauren Sklarz  (Young Siward/Son)

Julia Morales (Lennox)

Jonathan Rufino  (Ross)

Nick Schwartz  (Macbeth)

George Hagle  (Banquo)

Jack Pflieger    (Porter)

George Hagle  (Banquo)

Natalie Floreancig (Lady Macduff/Fleance)

Jefferson Lind (Macduff)

Valerie Zhao  (Donalbain/Doctor)

Sanghee Kim  (Noble)


Caroline Kaminsky (Director)

Steele Citrone (Director)

Nora Schultz   (Director)

Coco Liu (Production Manager)

Yufei Chen  (Stage Manager)

Sophie Regales   (Stage Manager)

Chenjia Zhang  (Asst. Stage Manager)

Jacob Halabe   (Asst. Stage Manager)

Maisie Thompson  (Asst. Stage Manager)

Pallas  Hargro (Scenic Design)

Ariana Baginski  (Asst. Scenic Design) 

Nick Park  (Asst. Scenic Design) 

Jess Aaron   (Props Design) 

Noor Shih  (Asst. Props Design) 

Kelly Mao (Sound Design) 

Colin Cooper   (Asst. Sound Design) 

Anna German (Costume Design)

Libby Konjoyan (Asst. Costume Design) 

Emily Curran  (Lighting Design)

Christian Beltran  (Asst. Lighting Design) 

Spencer Ng   (Projections Design)

Yifan Zou  (Asst. Projections Design) 

Eleni Lefakis (Dramaturg) 

Adrian Leonard  (Dramaturg)

Belle Nahoom (Tech Staff Liaison)

June Villers  (Committee Liaison)