The Laramie Project

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February 23-25, 2023 | 2:00pm & 7:30pm
Theater East, Logan Center

The Laramie Project presents a deeply complex portrait of a community’s response to the 1998 murder of Matthew Shepard, a young gay man living in Laramie, Wyoming. In a series of poignant reflections, the residents of Laramie react to the hate crime and surrounding media storm with anger, bewilderment and sorrow. The play portrays the seismic and deeply personal impact Matthew’s death had on this small town while also demonstrating the power of the human spirit to triumph over bigotry and violence.


Nolan Shaffer  (Actor 1)

Taiz Rodriguez (Actor 2)

Emma Linderman (Actor 3)

Josh Winston  (Actor 4)

Jack Getz (Actor 5)

Jo Selmeczy (Actor 6)

Maggie Reyes (Actor 7)


Billy DeVito (Director)

Felix Benardo  (Scenic Designer)

Raquel Buriani (Costume Designer)

Elaine Liang (Asst Costume Designer)

June Villers (Lighting Designer)

Carolyn Heinzer  (Asst Lighting Designer)

Samantha Doepker  (Sound Designer)

Becky Vazquez (Props Designer)

Lena Maghraoui  (Production Manager)

Gaby Labotka (Safe Space Consultant)

Lauren Thompson (Dialect Coach)

Ariana Baginski (Stage Management Collective)

Belle Nahoom (Stage Management Collective)

Coco Liu (Stage Management Collective)

Danielle Yablonovskiy (Stage Management Collective)

Eleni Lefakis (Stage Management Collective)

Kelly Mao (Stage Management Collective)

Maya Carlos Doyle (Stage Management Collective)

Nathalie Lam (Stage Management Collective)

Ryan Cairns  (Stage Management Collective)

Spencer Ng   (Stage Management Collective/UT Committee Liaison)

Sana Fessuh (Tech Staff Liaison)